Healing Generational Trauma: Paving Your Path to Wholeness

This is an online video course for those who want to learn more about how trauma and trauma-related patterns may be impacting themselves and their families, but don’t want to read 50+ books on mental health and trauma to get answers.

This course has distilled the major concepts surrounding generational trauma down to just 4 hours of recorded video explaining it all.

Get online family trauma healing from this generational trauma course. You can watch as much or as little as you want and get on with your healing journey today!  

Picture of parents, sitting together, holding baby shoes

Are You Wondering If Trauma Could Be Playing a Role in Your Family Dynamics and Your Life?

Are Ready to Break the Cycle of Family Trauma and Heal Inherited Trauma?

Then you Need My Easy-to-Follow and Life-Changing Online Course on Family and Generational Trauma Healing.

Tired of repeating the same behaviors and choices your parents made?

Exhausted from trying to give your kids the support you didn't get as a child?

Feeling stuck but not sure what is holding you back?

Then you need a Break Cycle of Family Trauma Course or a Healing Inherited Trauma Course.

This course will teach you:

How to Go from Stressed and Overwhelmed to Having Better Insight and a Clearer Understanding
of How the Past is influencing Your Present

Sketch of mother and daughter, co-regulating and healing generational trauma

Key Benefits of Taking this Mental Health Personal Growth Course

Understanding and Insight

Implementation and Change

Additional Benefits:

Learn how to identify trauma wounds.
Learn how generational trauma could be showing up in your family in this online family trauma healing course.
Understand the key difference between trauma and generational trauma.
See how these concepts are silently influencing your life, informing your family dynamics, and keeping you stuck.
Gain insight into how you can better understand these unseen forces and finally step out of dysfunctional cycles.

Hello! I am Amanda Kimbrell, a licensed psychotherapist, and I can’t wait to help you get started on your transformative journey!

I had to overcome a lot of dysfunctional family dynamics in order to get to where I am today. I was born into a family where poverty, limited education, mental health issues, and cycles of family dysfunction were already at play long before my arrival. Like many people, I had to learn to adapt to that situation in order to grow up. Then, as an adult, I was surprised to learn that the rest of the world did not function in this same way. Thus, began the journey of seeking education and reparenting myself in order to lead the content and well-adjusted life of my dreams.  Let me teach you what I learned. 

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Healing Generational Trauma: Paving Your Path to Wholeness