Therapist Support and Consultation for Mental Health Professionals: Get the Help You Need to Thrive as a Therapist

Need more help in your work as a therapist? therapists, with me you can...

Enhance your psychotherapy skills, deepen your understanding of trauma, and increase your effectiveness as a therapist with trauma-informed consultation and supervision.  I provide therapist support and consultation on therapy cases with a trauma-informed perspective and gain confidence in the use of EMDR! You don’t have to work in isolation. Consulting can lighten your workload and improve your decision-making. 

How Consultation with Me Can Help You Be More Effective in Your Work

Benefits for EMDR Practitioners

  • Consult on therapy cases with a trauma-informed perspective.
  • Gain confidence in the use of EMDR as you work through cases with trauma therapy consulting.
  • Refresh therapy skills and gain support around your work.
  • Receive consultation that can help you get Certified in EMDR
  • For a limited time, I can offer a reduced fee of $100 for EMDR consultation for providers newly trained in EMDR.

Benefits for Licensed Psychotherapists

  • Enhance psychotherapy skills through trauma-informed training and supervision.
  • Refresh therapy skills that have not been used in a while with trauma therapy consulting
  • Identify how personal thoughts and feelings may be interfering with therapeutic effectiveness.
  • Address issues that may be preventing you from being effective in their work.
  • Increase therapeutic effectiveness with support and consultation

Benefits for Medical and Other Professionals

  • Learn about issues related to trauma and therapy.
  • Gain trauma-informed skills.
  • Receive support and consultation from a psychotherapist.
  • Improve your understanding of how trauma shows up in your office and in life.
Amanda Kimbrell, Trauma Therapist

Amanda Kimbrell, LPC-MHSP, Licensed Psychotherapist

About Me

I am Amanda Kimbrell, LPC-MHSP, a licensed psychotherapist and EMDR practitioner in the area of Nashville, Tennessee. I obtained my undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and complete by graduate training in Counseling Psychology from Tennessee State University in 2014.

I received Basic Training in EMDR from E.C. Hurley PhD in 2021 and subsequently became an EMDRIA-approved EMDR Certified Therapist in 2023.

I love working with other therapists to help them notice their blind spots and improve their skills. I love to bring humor and life experience to my interactions with others. I offer consultation for independently licensed providers via tele-video or in-person. (Supervision for unlicensed or temporarily licensed providers is not yet available.)

My areas of professional focus are treatment of depression, generalized anxiety, chronic PTSD, phobias, childhood neglect, and relational issues.  

If you’re ready to start getting consultation, schedule a free Q&A session below or email me at:

Learn more about my work at Inward & Onward Therapy – Trauma Therapist in Hendersonville ( or on social media: Instagram, LinkedIn at Amanda Kimbrell LPC-MHSP | LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

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