What can you expect from group EMDR consultation?

  • Consult on therapy cases with a trauma-informed perspective.
  • Gain confidence in the use of EMDR as you work through cases with trauma therapy consulting.
  • Refresh therapy skills and gain support around your work.
  • Receive consultation towards getting Certified by EMDRIA in EMDR
  • Already, got your group consultation hours towards EMDRIA Certification? For a limited time, I can offer a reduced fee of $100 for Individual EMDR consultation for providers who have completed Basic Training in EMDR. For more info on Basic Training:  Find an EMDR Basic Training – EMDR International Association (emdria.org)

Why participate in group EMDR consultation?


  • Being a trauma therapist can be a lonely endeavor. Isolation can increase imposter syndrome and create feelings of confusion and feeling stuck. 
  • Having a group to discuss case with help you feel less alone in this very hard work and can lighten the heaviness of your workload in that way. 
  • There is no point in our careers where we are expected to make all the hard decisions and choices alone. Ethically, consultation provides us with the support to know that we have made the choices that other professionals would make in the same situation. 
  • Having the support of a group consultation helps you think through situations where countertransference or a blind spot may be impacting you making the best decisions you can.